Why is FF7R Tifa Trending on Twitter? FFBE Campaign Explained

FF7R and Tifa have been trending non stop today on Twitter, April 28, 2021, did Square Enix reveal some news on the Remake and its part 2? Here’s what’s happening.

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FF7R Tifa Twitter Campaign

Right now, Square Enix announced in Japan a new collab event between Final Fantasy 7 Remake and WOTV FFBE. The mobile game also known as War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is one of the many FF gacha games popular in Japan. The collab most notably adds Tifa, Aerith, Cloud and Barret to the game.

Celebrating the collab, Square Enix started a special Twitter Campaign quiz. With fans answering via tweets. The question ongoing right now consists of watching a FFBE gameplay vido featuring Tifa from FF7R dealing several combos.

Fans need to count how many times Tifa is hitting enemies in the video, and tweet their answer with specific tags. Including the FF7R tag. This is why Tifa and FF7R are trending. Ten of thousands of answers have been tweeted all day from Japanese Final Fantasy fans participating in the campaign.

It’s unclear when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake collab will be coming to the English version of WOTV FFBE. Right now, the Global English version is holding the NieR collab. So it won’t be until a few weeks at the very least that Tifa and co join the English version.

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Square Enix is planning to launch the PS5 upgraded version, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade worldwide on June 10, 2021. The game most notably adds a new scenario called Intermission, featuring a playable Yuffie Kisaragi and new characters from Avalanche and Wutai.

It’s also important to note that Square Enix, in the past, teased FF7R was a PS4 exclusive for a year, and showed PC gameplay. However, we have yet to hear about a PC version’s official announcement.

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