Bloodborne ‘Hunter’s Edition’ Coming to PS5, PC

A new leak suggests that a version of Bloodborne called the Hunter’s Edition is coming to PS5 and PC, bringing some fresh content along with it.

Bloodborne fans have not let go of their hopes for a proper PS5 version of the game, with a PC port also high on the list of many. According to a new leak, both of these wishes could come true, as Bloodborne will supposedly be getting a “Hunter’s Edition” in the near future.

This is hardly the first rumor about a Bloodborne PS5 remaster, as a recent leak from SoulsHunt suggested that one was in the works. With SoulsHunt’s previous leak about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin proving accurate, many fans have faith that the Bloodborne remaster will come. Now, some fuel has been added to the fire regarding this remaster, with a second leak coming from a leaker on 4chan. Based on the information that is seen in this new post, it certainly backs up SoulsHunt’s claim that the project is “ambitious.”

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The leak in question comes from a 4chan user named Demonite, a name that should be familiar to fans. This is the name of the leaker that had accurately revealed information about Bloodborne on PS4, something that should make them credible. Unfortunately, it could easily be a fake account, with a troll impersonating the leaker to make the fake leak seem more believable. As such, fans should take this leak with a huge grain of salt. If it proves true, though, the Bloodborne community is sure to be thrilled by what this new version entails.

Bloodborne: Hunter’s Edition will supposedly fix the game’s biggest issue — an unstable frame rate. Bloodborne’s 30 FPS gameplay holds it back in certain areas, so the suggestion that a performance mode is on the way is promising. Performance mode will supposedly target 60 FPS at 1440p, and it will be upscaled to 4K. It will feature lower quality ray tracing than the Quality mode, which will maintain the original version’s 30 FPS. The PC version will supposedly be capped at 60 FPS.

While the leaker claims that no new areas will be added, Cainhurst Castle and Cathedral Ward will apparently be expanded. With the former being one of the most visually impressive Bloodborne locations, players could have a blast exploring a larger version. Six new weapons will also be added, apparently, with three left-handed and right-handed weapons coming in the Bloodborne: Hunter’s Edition. The Cosmic Revolver, Impact Rifle, and The Great One’s Touch will serve as the left-handed weapons, while the Cainhurst Flail, Coldblood Coil, and Kos Placenta will be right-handed.

The leaker also suggested an upgrade path like with other PS5 Director’s Cuts, with a $20 upgrade for base game owners, $10 upgrade for owners of The Old Hunters DLC, and a free upgrade for those with the Game of the Year edition. With Demonite also suggesting a launch date between January and February, fans will know if this leak is legitimate soon enough.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4.

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Source: 4chan

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