GameStop Customers Call Out “Ridiculous” PS5 Restock

GameStop released both a PS5 restock and an Xbox Series X restock this morning, giving both PlayStation and Xbox fans an opportunity to buy each of the hard-to-get consoles. At the moment of publishing, the Xbox Series X restock is still available in a limited capacity, the PS5 stock is completely sold out and there’s no word of when the next restock will be available.

That said, while many Xbox customers are finally copping the Xbox Series X, it looks like many came up short trying to buy the PS5. Like GameStop‘s previous restocks, this latest was online-only and limited to bundles. In other words, there was no option to buy either model of the console for $400 and $500. Rather, PlayStation fans had to spend extra to buy bundles with additives like controllers and games.

Locking stock behind bundles has its obvious perks for GameStop, but it’s also supposed to limit the activity of scalpers. That said, while it’s possible it achieved this, it didn’t stop the stock from selling out in minutes. And within these few minutes were plenty of website issues.

In the tweet announcing the stock being sold, GameStop customers are irate and taking the retailer to task over all of the issues and grievances mentioned above.

What a Joke




A Real Struggle


Three Consoles Sold


Just Three Minutes


Fell to the Final Boss




Helping the Scalpers


How Is Still Happening?


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