New Hideo Kojima Tweet Has PS5 Fans Excited

Famed game developer Hideo Kojima made a brief tweet a few days ago that caused some PS5 fans to get quite excited. Even though nothing Kojima said in the tweet had to do with him or his studio’s future when it comes to working with PlayStation, a number of fans inferred that it could be hinting at more collaborations between Sony and the iconic Metal Gear Solid creator.

The tweet at the center of these theories was a simple one from Kojima. Earlier this week, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst shared a new Q&A blog that contained a number of quotes about what Sony is planning to do in the future. Not long after the post went live, Kojima himself ended up sharing it on Twitter. The reason fans got excited about this is because it potentially indicated that Kojima might once again be working with PlayStation down the road, much like he did on his most recent release in Death Stranding.

However, there’s likely a much more basic reason when it comes to why Kojima shared this article. In the course of the Q&A, Hulst specifically referred to Kojima Productions and the partnership that the two entities have had in the past. Hulst didn’t say that another such partnership will be happening in the future, but he did say that they put just as much care into those partnerships as they do with their own first-party companies.

So essentially, even though Kojima was sharing an article that largely dealt with PlayStation’s upcoming moves, that doesn’t mean that his studio is again working with PlayStation in a major capacity. While such a deal could surely come about again in the future, this situation seems to be one where Kojima is simply sharing an article where his company was mentioned and nothing more.

Do you think there is anything deeper happening here? Could Kojima once again be hinting at another partnership with PlayStation? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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