PS5 UK stock – live: Today’s latest restock updates from Argos, Amazon, AO, Asda and more as they happen

Earlier this week, we saw a small restock at Amazon which lasted just 20 minutes

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Update: AO and Argos are rumoured to drop this week. Read on for more information.

The PS5 console was released more than six months ago now, but no one could have predicted quite how difficult it would be to actually buy one.

Restock issues have been plaguing Sony since the initial reveal, and despite stores reopening in the UK, it’s still very hard to secure a console in-store (and not easy online either).

But, it’s not all bad news; the restock landscape has started to improve in recent weeks. While June hasn’t brought the similar monster drops we had in April, last week we saw a lengthy drop at Very, a restock at Asda, and even in-store availability at Game and Smyths. So far this week, we’ve seen a small drop from Amazon.

So if you’re still searching for the console, we’re here to help you get your hands on the coveted Playstation by keeping an eye on all major retailers, as well as offering the latest insight on any rumoured releases.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


Best PS5 games


If you lucked out on securing a PS5 during one of the two drops this week, your next task is choosing the best games to go with it. Thankfully, we’re way ahead of you with our guide on the best PS5 games for every kind of playerDemon’s Soul’s landed a spot in our round-up, with our expert reviewer noting that it was an “infamously punishing action RPG, Demon’s Souls on PS5 is a showcase of what the new console is capable of.

“The oppressive gothic architecture, yawning arches and festering dungeons of this cult classic look spectacular on the new hardware, while remaining faultlessly faithful to the aesthetic and vibe of the original game,” they added.

You can buy the game for £57.99 at Currys now.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 12:50


What Game PS5 bundles are there?

Now that Game has removed all of its bundles from its website, it’s become a little difficult to peruse everything the retailer has to offer. The last time we checked, Game had the largest number of PS5 bundles out of all the retailers. The cheapest disc edition bundle came with a “Player1” T-shirt (£464.98, The most expensive disc bundle came with a dual sense controller and a pulse 3D gaming headset (£599.97,

At the start of June, Game listed new Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart bundles onto its website. A PS5 disc edition with a copy of Rift Apart cost £519.98 ( We’ll let you know if the bundles magically reappear.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 12:00


PS5 digital edition vs PS5 disc edition: What’s the difference?


Amazon had both the PS5 disc edition and the PS5 digital edition in stock on Tuesday, but if you’re new to the world of next-gen console gaming, you might be wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, the short answer is, not much. As the name indicates, the only thing that sets the “disc edition”, which has an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive (the same as on the PS4) from the other is that it has a disc drive and the price. This does mean you can’t play any of your PS4 discs on the digital edition console.

The normal disc edition of the PlayStation 5 costs £449, while the digital edition, without the disc drive, is cheaper and costs £359.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 11:30



Managed to secure a PS5 during the Scan  drop yesterday? It’s probably wise to partner it with a new headset. While there is no shortage of gaming headsets currently available, “the PlayStation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset is a little bit special”, according to our reviewer of the best PS5 accessories.

It’s “made with certain PlayStation 5 games in mind” and “its 3D audio means you can feel fully immersed in the experience”, creating the feeling that “things are truly happening all around you”. As for the audio, “it sounds fantastic”, and “it’s comfy to wear even after a number of hours of playing”.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 10:50


An update on Game PS5 bundles

This is a strange one. Game has just removed every single one of its bundles from its PS5 bundles page. What does it mean? We haven’t got a clue. The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter page is speculating that it could mean the return of online drops in favour of those in-store ones it’s been having recently.We’ll let you know if the page changes.

At the moment, only the standalone disc edition and standalone digital edition consoles are showing up. You canhave a look for yourself.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 10:20


PS Plus July 2021 – What games are coming?


Yesterday, Sony announced the new free PlayStation Plus games available to download come July 6. On the PS4, you’ll be able to download Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, while PS5 owners will be able to get their hands on A Plague Tale: Innocence, as widely predicted.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is an adventure survival game that was released in 2019 by Focus Home Interactive. The game is set in the Middle Ages during (fittingly for these times) the second bubonic plague. According to Sony, it’s released in native 4K resolution for the PS5 with improved graphics.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 09:55


Redeemed a Currys PS5 VIP code?

On 24 June, Currys sent out even more PS5 VIP pass codes to people who had previously signed up for the retailer’s PS5 draw. If you’re still waiting for a call-back, don’t fret – the retailer can take up to three weeks to get back to you once you’ve redeemed your code. It’s quite a long wait, but if you’re not in a rush, it’s worthwhile.

Currys was expected to start selling consoles in store at the end of this month, but this hasn’t materialised. Instead, the company is still prioritising those who registered for the lottery, despite closing for new entries at the start of the month. If you didn’t manage to sign up for the draw, hopefully consoles will open up for general sale again soon.DELETEEDIT

Alex Lee1 July 2021 09:45


When is the next Argos PS5 stock drop?

On Sunday and Monday, Argos began taking in-store PS5 pre-orders. But according to one PS5 stock tracker, it made the whole task of predicting the next Argos online drop incredibly difficult, seeing as the in-store drop depleted consoles nationwide.

For months now, Argos has consistently dropped consoles online between 1am and 3am in the morning, but two weeks ago, the retailer broke its pattern and released new stock at 8am on a Friday. Will the console end up dropping at 8am again? We’ll have to wait and see.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 09:25


AO PS5 console availability UK: When is it coming?

(The Independent) is rumoured to have a drop this week. The last time consoles dropped on the website was at 11am on Friday 17 June, so it’s been a while. We’re always taken by surprise by AO drops, mainly because its restock times are always unpredictable. We’ve seen the retailer restock at 3pm before.

The retailer usually pauses orders soon after the console drops, forcing customers to use a mischievous hack to get around its website front-end. Here’s the hack – you need to be using Chrome on a computer.

  • When the PS5 product page is live, copy the PS5’s product ID and save it somewhere safe. 
  • Navigate to a random item on AO’s website. Right-click on the ‘Buy now’ button on the random item and click ‘Inspect element’. 
  • In the element inspector, replace the product’s ID with the PS5’s product ID. Click ‘Buy now’.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 09:10


Scan PS5 stock tips

While the PS5 vanished from Scan’s website quicker than we could say “Get me a PlayStation 5!”, it did offer up a valuable lesson for securing the console the next time there’s a drop on the website. Just after the bundles had appeared to sell out, moderators from the @PS5UKStock’s Discord community found a neat little trick.

The trick to bagging a console is similar to other retailers – add the console to your wish list and then check out from there using another browser. Trying this trick from a mobile browser, a Safari browser or Microsoft Edge seemed to provide the best results, with Google Chrome failing.

Alex Lee1 July 2021 08:55

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