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Lemmings, the mythical saga of DMA Design and Psygnosis, debuted in Amiga on February 14, 1991. It is a puzzle platform created by Russell Kay, Mike Dailly and David Jones – who will also participate in GTA. The idea came from a simple animation of Dailly while he was experimenting with the Deluxe Paint drawing program, and consists of guiding some cartoons of these animals through a scene full of obstacles until they reach an exit, trying to save as many lemmings as possible. Currently the scientific community rejects the myth of mass suicides of lemmings, but the belief was enough for these rodents to be chosen to star in the game. To fulfill the objective, the player must assign a series of abilities to various lemmings that can modify the level design, affecting the behavior of the rest of the lemmings, for example with the placement of objects that eliminate hazards.

Lemmings’ success was resounding and became one of the highest rated in the early 1990s.. In 1996 Next Generation magazine considered it the eighth best game of all time, and it also became one of the most versioned to all types of systems; sales will be around 20 million copies between the different reissues and sequels. Its popularity also served to create remakes, spin-offs and games inspired by its mechanics.

Sony acquired the license with the purchase of Psygnosis

The Lemmings license passed to Sony when Psygnosis was acquired in 1993. While the series did not receive many more games for the first few years, in 2006 the PSP laptop received a remake developed by Team17 with the original 120 levels, 36 new ones and a level editor. Later it was adapted to PS2 by Rusty Nutz and with compatibility with EyeToy, the camera of the console, that allows the player to perform postures that would help the lemmings. A year later Team17 made a new remake for PS3 and PlayStation Network, with online scores and more levels designed for high resolution, although without the PSP editor.

In 2014 PS Vita received another remake, Lemmings Touch, which this time d3t Ltd. developed and which had touch controls as a great novelty. In 2018 Sad Puppy developed a simplified version for iOS and Android.

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