These PS5 SSD deals are perfect for the new-gen console – save big right now

Picking up a PS5 SSD deal is a sound choice whether you’re still trying to find PS5 stock, have just got the console, and want to take a ‘belt and braces’ approach to your setup, and definitely if you have been lucky enough to have ad the console for a few months and are starting to increase the number of games on the console and that you want to keep within say grasp.

Adding a top PS5 SSD or a contender for best PS5 external hard drive is a very wise move. In fact, there’s a reason that the latter are mostly SSD shaped, too: external SSDs are just some of the best external hard drives in general, fact. With that in mind, and with PS5 restocks coming and going, we’ve herded up some top deals for SSDs that will go nicely with your PS5 below including some big discounts on some of our favorite externals.

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