Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Tournament

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the biggest sensations of the past year, with millions of players playing the game amidst the lockdown in various parts of the world. The fact that there was a massive shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles soon after its release speaks volumes about how much of an impact the game had.

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For veteran players of the game, the Fishing Tournament would be one of the most awaited events in the game. If you aren’t aware, the Fishing Tournament in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a seasonal event that takes place on the second Saturday of the month, at the start of every Season.

Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!



Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!





How to take part in the Animal Crossing New Horizons fishing tournament?

The fishing tournament is organized by C.J. on your island. When the fishing tournament starts, you need to talk to C.J. to take part in it. The first entry is free, followed by 500 bells for subsequent entries. Once you enter, you have 3 minutes to catch as many fishes as you can. Each catch gets you one point, followed by 2 bonus points on catching more than 3 fish. You can redeem 10 points to get a random reward from C.J.

What time does the fishing tournament start?

The fishing tournament starts exactly at 9 am and ends at 6 pm on the second Saturday of the month, which is 10th July for this month. You can still trade points after 6 pm, but you can’t trade any more fish for points after that.

What are the rewards in the fishing tournament?

Here are the rewards up for grabs in the fishing tournament.

  • Anchor Statue
  • Fish Door Plate
  • Fish Drying Rack
  • Fish Pochette
  • Fish Print
  • Fish-Print Tee
  • Fish Rug
  • Fish Umbrella
  • Fish Wand
  • Fishing Rod Stand
  • Fresh Cooler
  • Marine Pop Wall
  • Tackle Bag

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