Best Map For Building Materials?

Genshin Impact is a pretty easy game when it comes to farming materials or monsters, as their locations are directly indicated in-game – however, there are materials whose locations aren’t directly pointed to, and this is what the Interactive Map is for – Here are the best maps to find Wood and Building Materials, following the Ver 1.5 Housing and Homeworld update.

New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact



New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact





Seeing the worldwide popularity of Genshin Impact, there are several interactive map projects, and some better than others. We’re here to help you decide which Genshin interactive map you should keep in your bookmarks.

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Genshin Impact Official Interactive Map with Wood locations (April 28, 2021 Update)

With the launch of Genshin Impact Ver 1.5 miHoYo released an official Interactive Map project. You can access it here. It most notably lists several locations where players can find various types of Wood. Making it the superior Genshin Impact interactive map by far when it comes to the Housing system and Furnishings crafting.

Note that the various types of Wood are listed at the very bottom of the Interactive Map’s menu. With this map, you can easily find Fir, Pine, Sandbearer, Birch, Cuihua, Fragrant Cedar, and Bamboo Segment types of Wood.

Genshin Impact – Best fanmade Interactive Maps for new players

Update: The new official Interactive Map also lets you track the Anemoculus and Geoculus. You should use this instead.

However, if for one reason or another, you dislike the official map, the best map I would recommend for newcomers is the Genshin Impact world map project, accessible here.

If you’ve just started Genshin Impact, it’s likely you haven’t fully explored the two regions currently in-game. Mondstadt and Liyue. This would mean you haven’t collected all Anemoculus and Geoculus yet.

These items, scattered across the map and required for Stamina upgrades, can be located with specific radars. Looking for them is particularly fun, as the game’s design is very well done. Finding an Oculi usually leads to another hidden secret or reward near. However, new players might not have the resources to craft the radars. Or might simply want to find the Oculi as quickly as possible.

This interactive map lets you “mark as found” the Anemoculus and Geoculus you’ve collected. This way, you can slowly remove them from the map as you collect them. However, this function is only available by signing in on the Interactive Map. You can sign in with google.

Another peculiarity of this map, is how it lets you list by day the farmable Weapon Ascension Materials and Talent Ascension Materials available in Domains. This is something you can easily do in-game as well, but this is definitely useful for newcomers.

However, this could be a downside in a way. Being constantly reminded of what you could use your Original Resin and farm for might ultimately make playing Genshin feel like a chore.

The best interactive map for veteran Genshin players

You want a quick, easy-to-use, intuitive, and simple interactive map? You should check out the interactive map sustained by Chinese players, available here.

Yes, it’s in Chinese, but everything is pictured and is particularly useful if you know what you’re looking for and just need a quick refresher. Personally speaking, this is the map I’ve been using for a while. Technically, this map too lets you login with google to save various features, but you won’t really be needing any of them.

If you don’t like this map’s aesthetic, note that there’s a similar map you can use here via on Github. This one too is pretty straightforward, and quickly lets you pick what you need.

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Personally speaking, I’d say I definitely prefer exploring and discovering things myself rather than using the Interactive Map for everything. But to each their own. At the end of the day, remember to have fun and play Genshin Impact the way you want, on PS4, PS5, PC, or mobile.

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