Breath of the Wild Speedrun Challenges Players to Mount All Creatures

Get your saddle and boots together because we’re about to go riding!

Releasing four years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most sought after speedrun games on the market. With new challenges cropping up every month, players jump into the popular game to see who can complete the best speedrun.

Many speedruns involve a player completing certain tasks in the shortest amount of time or the entire game in under an hour but this time, it’s a little more up close and personal than that.

Giddy Up!

Legendary speedrunner JoeDun who has made a name for himself by challenges like completing Breath of the Wild at 100% without taking damage, has been asked by his community to take on another task that involves racing across the game to mount every animal or creature in BOTW.

This challenge also means having to jump on the backs of Prince Sidon and Lord of the Mountain, as well as horses and bears. Thankfully, players do get to mount Sidon as part of the storyline so that doesn’t cause too much of an issue but Lord of the Mountain is another story as it pops up in certain areas of the map making the speedrun a little more taxing.

Check out JoeDun’s video below and check out how they actually manage to mount Lord of the Mountain. It’s certainly a really impressive speedrun with plenty of tips and tricks.

Get Involved

If you fancy taking part in the challenge speedrun for yourself, JoeDun has set up a friendly competition. If a player scores the top time on the ‘mount every creature’ speedrun from now until May 6, they will receive a prize of $100.

2nd place will get $50, and there’s even a place for 3rd that can net someone $20.

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