Breath of the Wild Stable Creatively Designed as an Adorable Diorama

Have your breath taken away by this very cute miniature Stable from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Zelda fans have been on tenterhooks ever since the Breath of the Wild sequel was announced back in 2019 at Nintendo’s E3. Thankfully, as expected, we got another little teaser at this year’s E3 where a short yet beautiful trailer was showcased giving hopeful players a glimpse of what’s in store when the title releases next year.

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – E3 2021 Teaser



Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – E3 2021 Teaser





The Zelda fanbase is packed full of incredibly talented and knowledgeable people who love to display their fun facts about the franchise, cosplay skills and fantastic artists who are bursting with creativity.

If you have a yearning to revisit the cosy stables from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’re going to love this cute and tiny Stables diorama.

The Most Charming Zelda Diorama Ever

Just in case this is your first time coming across a stable from Breath of the Wild and other than it being very cute, you’ve no idea what it actually is, then let me give you a little information about it.

Stables in BOTW are places where travellers register and board their wild horses after they have tamed them enough to ride. Those wanting to stay a little longer and to rest up can also seek lodging inside the Stable’s main room. There are dozens of Stables throughout Hyrule in which Link can call upon a registered horse to any of the Stables he visits.

Like everything in Breath of the Wild, the Stables are charming and quaint. To illustrate this, Reddit user FlyShyguyguy has crafted a beautiful diorama and to show off just how small it is, they placed a banana right beside the tiny structure.

With over 1.8k upvotes, it’s obvious fans are loving this and how could they not? It’s a perfect recreation and something that would look amazing on a display or coffee table in a Zelda fan’s home.

FlyShyguyguy does have an Esty Shop where they craft a whole manner of items but, unfortunately, this Stable wasn’t there to be purchased. Keep your eye out for it though, maybe with enough love and support, you could have your very own piece of Breath of the Wild in your home.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild will be releasing in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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