Golf Story Devs Share Sports Story Update and New Screenshot

Golf Story was one of the first indie titles on the Nintendo Switch that really had the world talking.

The Golf-based RPG was equal parts funny, slick and downright fun that players flocked to the game en masse.

Following the success of Golf Story, developers Sidebar Games announced a follow-up, simply titled Sports Story.

Now, today, just ahead of E3, the team have shared another update about the game, plus a brand new screenshot.

Sports Story – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch



Sports Story – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch





The “Sports” Story So Far

Sports Story was announced during an Indie World Showcase back in December 2019 and was due for release at some point in “mid-2020”.

The title is “is a game about sports, but not always.” As on announcement, the developers teased dungeon crawling, infiltrations and expeditions – making the title seem exactly as wacky as its predecessor.

Unfortunately, around nine months ago, Sports Story became the latest game to receive a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They stated they wanted to delay the game to ensure that it was as good as it could be, adding that Sports Storyhas become rather ambitious.”

Sports Story Latest Update

Today, after months of silence, Sidebar Games put out a pair of tweets from its official Twitter account.

The first, a simple update saying that “Everything is coming together now. Please look forward to more updates going forward, we have much to share!”

Exciting news!

They then followed up the original tweet with a brand new screenshot of characters playing a game of “Wall Bounders” which looks suspiciously like squash, however, using tennis balls.

While it’s not much, it’s great that we’ve finally got an update on Sports Story and also, that it’s such a positive one.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we receive a new trailer or some release window information!

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