How to Get Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes 2021

Now that it’s April, Cherry Blossom season is in full swing in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you’re wondering how to get cherry blossom DIY recipes in the game, wonder no longer. I’ve got your back.

Spring is in the air. So are all the new seasonal bugs, sky eggs, and cherry blossom pedals.

If you’ve been wandering your island collecting the pink cherry blossom pedals that are floating around, but don’t have any DIY recipes to make with them, don’t worry, we’re going to fix that.

Here’s how to get cherry blossom DIY recipes in the 2021 Cherry Blossom season.

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How to Get Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes

Getting cherry blossom DIY recipes consistently is a little frustrating at times because it takes a lot of patience. There are only two ways to get them: balloon presents and Isabelle’s morning announcements.

Balloon Presents

Balloon presents are pretty simple to retrieve in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but knowing when to expect them is a little bit more tricky. If you’re not aware, you can find balloon presents floating through the sky during the day in ACNH. To get their contents, buy or build a slingshot, position yourself underneath one, and shoot it out of the sky. There’s a whole slew of items you can cash in on, but during Cherry Blossom season there are 14 cherry blossom specific DIY recipes that might be inside.

Shooting them out of the sky is all well and good, but planning for when they’re going to be coming is a little more time consuming. Balloons will spawn at times ending in 4 and 9 throughout the day. The only problem is that they don’t always spawn every 5 minutes, so you might go a while without finding any. It might take them a minute or two to reach your beach after spawning depending on wind direction so if you’re trying to farm balloons, make sure that you’re checking your beaches around those times.

Isabelle’s Morning Announcements

The other way to get the cherry blossom DIY recipes is through Isabelle right when you load up the game. If it’s a day that has no new announcements such as a villager coming or going or a newly finished building project, Isabelle will note how pretty the cherry blossoms are when they’re floating through the air and send you a recipe through your Nook Phone. If you’re looking to cash in on as many as you can, make sure that no one leaves your island over the next several weeks and you should be set.

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