How to Play The ACNH May Day Maze in 2021

Today, last year’s smash hit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its first major update in quite a while.

Since the Egg Day event at the start of April, players have been starved of news, and activities in Nintendo’s island living sim.

Thankfully, this new update brings with it a range of new (returning events) including Wedding Season, International Museum Day and the May Day Maze.

Here’s how you can play the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year.

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LEGO Super Mario – January 2021 Release Trailer – Nintendo Switch





What is the Animal Crossing May Day Maze?

The May Day Maze is set on a remote island and is run by Rover, the cat who has been in the series since the first game.

The maze offers players a variety of challenges and gives them the opportunity to use a range of their tools, as they have to dig up and chop down trees, smash rocks and more.

Last year, players who completed the event earnt Rover’s Briefcase as a furniture item. They also had the opportunity to find a total of 9 Bell Vouchers (each worth 3,000 Bells) dotted around the maze.

How to Play the May Day Maze in ACNH in 2021

First things first, the maze isn’t available just yet. Players will able to start taking part from tomorrow, April 29.

To visit the maze, players will receive a “May Day Ticket.” This ticket is given to the player and then used at the Airport on the island.

From there it should be as simple as hopping on a plane and flying to Rover’s special island.

What’s Next for New Horizons?

It’s safe to say that fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons were left disappointed with the news of this update.

Rather than giving the millions of players worldwide new events to sink their teeth into, Nintendo has recycled last year’s and given them “new twists.”

These events were already fairly underwhelming in the first instance, so doing them again with a slight change is nothing to get excited about.

Fans are desperately waiting for a big 2.0 update, which will hopefully be announced somewhere down the line.

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