Kazuha Special Dish – Genshin Impact Japanese Fans Say “He Forgot The Recipe in Inazuma”

Kazuha is out in Genshin Impact, and if you pulled the first character from Inazuma, you might have noticed something peculiar – despite going through the cooking menu with him, you won’t find any special dish to prepare.

Collected Miscellany – “Kaedehara Kazuha: Free Spirit” | Genshin Impact



Collected Miscellany – “Kaedehara Kazuha: Free Spirit” | Genshin Impact






Kazuha “forgot the recipe when leaving Inazuma and becoming a Ronin”

Several players have noticed as well, including in Japan, with some joking that Kazuha “forgot his Original Recipe in Inazuma”. I’m definitely looking forward to how far this will catch on and if we’re witnessing the birth of a new meme. (Original Recipe is the Japanese term for Character Special Dishes / Specialties).

Some fans also wondered if Kazuha’s specialty might be some manju or dango, including in the existing recipes, but yep, there are none for now.

Genshin Impact – Hints at Kazuha getting his Special Dish in 1.7 with Inazuma

Special dishes in Genshin Impact aren’t separate recipes you need to learn, they become available once you learn a certain base recipe. And pick a specific character to cook said recipe. You know which characters have a specialty dish as the game actually tells you “may make a special dish” when selecting who will cook.

With the launch of Inazuma, miHoYo should be adding several recipes in the game based on the new Japan-themed region. Just like in Mondstadt and in Liyue, we should be able to get new recipes by buying them in Inazuma’s shops or through exploration. Kazuha’s special dish should be based on one of these recipes.

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In early June, these two recipes from Inazuma were also leaked, and the left one with its leaves motif is very likely to be Kazuha’s special dish. In other words, wait for Inazuma.

Inazuma will be part of Version 1.7, which is launching on July 21, 2021. We’ll learn more soon through the usual sneak peek live stream, which will be announced as always on Twitter. Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile.

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