Luigi Goes LEGO Joining Mario in Latest New Collaboration

Nintendo’s incredibly popular range of Super Mario LEGO sets continues to grow, as, after some leaks and a suspicious firmware update, Luigi joins the fray.

The news comes as no major surprise after an update last week caused Mario’s LEGO self to call out for his brother, Luigi.

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What Super Mario sets have we received so far?

So far, Nintendo has released two major expansions in the Super Mario LEGO line.

The first wave offered plenty of different courses as well as a range of iconic Super Mario Power-Ups.

Following that, at the start of this year, Nintendo released the second wave which included The Maker Set, the Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Expansion Set and more.

What are the details of the Luigi LEGO Set?

The Luigi set contains 280 pieces, which includes Luigi himself, plus a Pink Yoshi and Boom Boom. You can read the full description below:

“Players earn digital coins for helping LEGO Luigi complete spinning seesaw and flying challenges, interactions with Pink Yoshi and defeating Boom Boom and a Bone Goomba.”

LEGO Official

The set will cost $59.99/£49.99 and is available to pre-order on LEGO’s official website, ahead of its launch on August 1.

Where could the expansions go next?

The possibilities are genuinely endless with these Super Mario sets, and that’s exciting.

We’ve already seen sets based on Boo’s mansion, Lava levels, Desert courses, Bowser’s Castle and so many more, including special power-ups, but you have to imagine it won’t stop there.

The Super Mario series has such a rich and interesting history of fantastic levels that the team working on this collaboration must be licking their lips.

Then, you have the rest of Nintendo’s franchises – please don’t get me started on those … LEGO Zelda or Metroid anybody?

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