No More Heroes 3 Pre Order

Nintendo Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3 will be launching worldwide on August 27, and pre order for the action game mixing beam katana battles, wrestling, and Tokusatsu have opened – Let’s take a look at the various physical and limited editions.

No More Heroes 3 – Series Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch



No More Heroes 3 – Series Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch





No More Heroes 3 physical pre order, Pix’n Love deluxe edition

No More Heroes 3 is available at US retailers including Gamestop and Amazon. On Amazon, the game is already out of stock actually, so if you’re planning to get it there, make an alert, keep it in your bookmarks, and check regularly to see when some copies are available again.

French publisher Pix’nlove will also sell a special Deluxe Edition that most notably includes a sign from Suda 51:

  • Physical game copy
  • A4 size 96 pages artbook “No More Heroes: The Art of the Videogame series”
  • Vinyl “No More Heroes: Selected Tunes”

It’ll go on sale on July 8 at 11 AM EST on the Pix’n Love website. (Click here for other time zones).

  • NMH – Should you play the crazy over the top series by Suda 51?

There’s also a cheaper Collector’s Edition, with the game, the same artbook, and four bonus illustrations:

No More Heroes 3 – Killion Dollar trilogy Japanese limited edition

If you’re up for importing stuff, in Japan, No More Heroes 3 is getting a special Killion Dollar Trilogy limited edition. Including No More Heroes 1+2, No More Heroes 3, all in a special box illustrated by chara designer Yusuke Kozaki.

Of course, just like with every Japanese game release, there are shop specific pre order bonuses. I assume you can navigate that by yourself if you’re actually planning to import in the first place, so I’ll just link you the list of each shop on the game’s official site. Keep in mind when making your choice than some can be cheaper than others. Some shops are already sold out too.

Personally, I recommend getting it on Amazon Japan. This way, you’ll pay any possible customs fee right away, and won’t get any surprise when the package gets to your country.

No More Heroes 3 was initially supposed to launch in 2020 but was delayed with the pandemic. We’re only a few weeks ahead of release on August 27 now. Keep in mind you can always hit me up on Twitter @A_iyane07 for more Unneeded Opinions, like how NMH is peak Kozaki chara design and that while his work on Fire Emblem definitely wasn’t bad, it was getting stale after Fates happened.

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