Pac-Man 99 Battle Royale – Nintendo Switch Online Release Time

Nintendo, with the help of its publishing partners, is doing everything within their power to crack the battle royale market.

Following the success of Tetris 99, an obscure battle royale based on the classic Tetris, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. 35.

The Super Mario focused title received critical acclaim from players around the world, before being abruptly pulled from stores following the Death of Mario on March 31.

There seems to have been a good (?) reason for that though, as yesterday, Nintendo announced Pac-Man 99. Here are all the details on the latest Nintendo Switch battle royale, including the Pac-Man 99 release time.

What is Pac-Man 99?

Pac-Man 99 follows very closely in the footsteps of the original Switch battle royale, Tetris 99.

It sees 99 different players duke it out to become the last Pac-Man standing.

Player’s mazes are positioned in the centre of the screen, with the remaining 98 players surrounding them. From there, it’s a fight for survival.

It’s down to players to play the traditional Pac-Man game, collecting pellets and dodging ghosts, however, this time with a few major differences.

Competing players have the opportunity to send tons of “Jammer Pac-Man” hurtling towards their rival’s mazes – making life far more difficult for them to survive.

How much will Pac-Man 99 cost?

Fortunately, like its predecessors, Pac-Man 99 will be free to Nintendo Switch Online customers.

Nintendo has confirmed, however, that there will be a range of paid DLC. This includes an offline mode and a range of different themes based on classic Namco titles.

What is the Pac-Man 99 release time?

The good news is, players won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest battle royale.

The title is scheduled for release in the US at 6 PM PST/9 PM ET on April 7.

Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed the release time for the rest of the world, however, the UK Store states that the game will be available from April 8.

This means that Pac-Man 99 is likely to release at midnight in the UK.

Players can download the title now, ready for it to unlock the second the game goes live.

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