Star Wars: Republic Commando Expected Release Time

The Star Wars franchise is arguably one of the most beloved in the history of our planet.

The series was established all the way back in 1977 and continues to capture audiences over 40 years later.

While there are tons of TV adaptations in the works, the world of Star Wars within video games remains as popular as ever, with new and old titles being released on a semi-regular basis.

The latest of these is Star Wars: Republic Commando which is due for release on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 tomorrow, March 6, but what time will it release? Let’s take a look.

What is Star Wars: republic commando?

Star Wars: Republic Commando was released back in 2005 on the original Xbox and PC.

It’s a tactical FPS in which players must “infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately annihilate the enemy.”

Players lead the Delta Squad, a team of four elite Republic Commandos. While playing as one of the four, it’s down to players to tactically control the other three members of their squad in order to gain an advantage over the opposition.

What is the Star Wars: Republic Commando Release Time on Nintendo Switch?

According to Nintendo’s website, Star Wars: Republic Commando should drop around 9:00 pm PT/Midnight ET, however, the website does state the time can vary a little, due to the fact it’s a third-party title.

In the UK, Nintendo says “Content will usually be available at 14:00 GMT (15:00 CET) on the day of release”, again warning however, that it could be as late as 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET) on release date, due to the game’s third-party status.

What time is it releasing on PS4?

Strangely, the title isn’t even available to view on either the UK or US PlayStation store as of right now. This means there’s no confirmation of the Star Wars: Republic Commando Release Time on the console.

Usually, however, titles unlock at Midnight on each store’s local time.

We’ll keep this post updated should things change.

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