Super Smash Bros Kazuya Release Date Differs in US/UK

Masahiro Sakurai is one of the best, most charming figures in the whole of the video game space.

New Super Smash Bros. character announcements are exciting for many reasons, one of which is that fans know they’ll be treated to the Smash legend showing off the latest fighter.

This time out, fans were treated to a look at Kazuya, who joins the Smash roster from the Tekken series, however, viewers may have noticed that the release date for the character is different based on where they live.

Here, we explore Kazuya’s release date and the time differences, plus what this means for a potential release time for the character.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Available Now! – Nintendo Switch





Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Kazuya Release Date

Eagle-eyed viewers of today’s Mr. Sakurai Presents “Kazuya” stream may have noticed that the Tekken Stalwart releases on different dates depending on location.

While in the US, Kazuya releases on June 29, the UK, Japan and other countries will receive the fighter on June 30.

Release Date Explained

This isn’t the first time this has happened with Nintendo products, especially as the company is based in Japan.

The release times are split simply because of the different time zones across regions.

Japan is a whopping 13 hours ahead of the East Coast and 16 ahead of the West Coast and eight hours ahead of the UK, which in turn is five/eight hours ahead of the US.

Naturally, this means there has to be some wiggle room should a game or character have a worldwide release.

What does this mean for the release time of Kazuya in Smash Bros?

This information helps us narrow down a release time for Kazuya in Smash Bros.

With the UK receiving him on the 30th but the US on the 29th, there is a very clear window that he will be releasing.

Kazuya’s release window, barring any kind of issues, will be somewhere between:

  • UK: Midnight – 4:59 am
  • ET: 7 pm – 11:59 pm
  • PDT: 4 pm – 8:59 pm

This is the only way that the character could release simultaneously worldwide whilst sticking to these specific dates.

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