Where to Find Eroded Skeleton

Monster Hunter Rise is now one of the most trending titles in the world. If you are one of those players looking for the MHR Eroded Skeleton, you will find the answer below.

Monster Hunter Rise is now out and a lot of players have already started their journey in a brand new Monster Hunter entry to level up their characters and take down the monsters.

Somewhere along the way of upgrading your character, you will be required to collect Eroded Skeletons. If you don’t what it is and where to find it, stay with us.

What is the MHR Eroded Skeleton?

Eroded Skeletons are actually the skeletons of dead monsters distributed in various locations of the Sandy Plains region. Collecting them will allow you to later use them in the game’s crafting system.

Where to Find Eroded Skeletons

In order to collect Eroded Skeletons, you will first need to unlock the Sandy Plains region. Completing the three-star quest will allow you to enter Sandy Plains. Once you are in the region, explore the most northern part of the map (Number 12), along with northeast of Sandy Plains (Number 9) to collect your two first Eroded Skeletons. Below, you can check out the unlocked map of the Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise:

Provided by IGN

If you need an overall rule of thumb during your exploration in the region, look for green Bonepile marks on the map and head towards them to collect the Eroded Skeletons.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on Nintendo Switch exclusively. According to the developers, a PC version of the game is now in development and is expected to be out in 2022. It’s yet to be seen how different the PC version will look compared to the Switch version of the game.

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