Who is Sayu And Yoimiya in Genshin Impact? Inazuma Characters Vision, Constellation, Release Date

Sayu and Yoimiya are, together with Shenhe, among the characters who were data mined a few weeks after the release of Genshin Impact on September 28, 2020 – now miHoYo finally officially revealed both of these Inazuma charaters, including details on their profile, Weapon, Vision, and Constellation.

While we’ve already seen a data mined 3D model for Sayu, this is the first time we have a visual for Yoimiya. miHoYo decided to officially reveal both characters right before data miners were about to do their work and leak the characters’ details on Twitter.

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Version 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Trailer | Genshin Impact



Version 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Trailer | Genshin Impact






Genshin Impact – Who is Sayu, the new playable character from Inazuma?

The “Mujina Ninja” Sayu is a ninja associated with the Shiyuumatsu-ban in Inazuma. She has a height complex as she stopped growing a long time ago, and feels like she’s trapped in a dream where time has stopped for her.

Sayu believes that by sleeping a lot she replenishes her energy and will get to grow. She honed her Ninjutsu to be able to complete her missions as fast as possible. To have more time for naps. As such, many in the Shiyuumatsu-ban mistakenly believe Sayu is lazy, as she’s incredibly hard to find when they need her help for work. Overall, Sayu is a perfect kunoichi (female ninja) who mastered every ninjutsu, and can disguise herself into anything.

Sayu is a four star character, uses an Anemo Vision, and her Constellation is the Nyctereutes Minor. Moreover, Sayu’s character design is based on the Tanuki, the shape shifting racoon like creature found in Japanese folklore.

Judging from her artwork and her status has a ninja, Sayu must be using Sword as her Weapon type, but note that it wasn’t officially confirmed yet. There are rumors about Sayu being a Claymore user, but personally speaking, I believe it’s unlikely for a ninja to be wielding such a huge weapon.

Lastly, Sayu is acquainted with Ayaka, who explained Sayu usually hides in trees for her afternoon naps.

Genshin Impact – Who is Yoimiya? Weapon, Rarity, Vision, Constellation

The “Frolicking Flames” Yoimiya is another upcoming playable character from Inazuma. Yoimiya is the owner of the Naganohara Fireworks, renowned thanks to her pyrotechnic skills. We’ve already heard of Yoimiya’s skills with fireworks through Ayaka’s voicelines, and she’s nicknamed the Queen of the Summer Festival. Yoimiya creates fireworks with passion and creativity for all the celebrations in Inazuma City each year.

Yoimiya is a very innocent person, and often plays simple games with children or accompany them to find toys. She also enjoys talking with anyone, sharing her seemingly endless ideas and stories with others.

Yoimiya’s character design is inspired from firework craftsmen of the Edo Period. Yoimiya’s fireworks may last only a moment, they stay forever in people’s hearts, and she believes it’s thanks to everyone’s involvement that the firework shows can carry on in such a beautiful manner.

Yoimiya uses a Pyro Vision and Bow weapon types, as seen on her artwork, and her Constellation is the Carassius Auratus. Yoimiya is a five star character.

Genshin Impact – When’s the release date for Yoimiya and Sayu?

Yoimiya and Sayu will be releasing with Ayaka and Inazuma in Vesion 1.7. will be releasing with Inazuma, This is all but officailly confirmed, or else miHoYo wouldn’t be teasing them now. Moreover, miHoYo revealed Yoimiy and Sayu right before data miners were about to leak 1.7. If the six week update schedule stays in place, Version 1.7 with Yoimiya and Sayu will launch on July 21, 2021.

Kazuha and Klee are the 1.6 banners, meanwhile, Ayaka ad Yoimiya will be the 1.7 banners, with Sayu appearing in either as one of the four star featured characters. We’ll know more in a few weeks after more details are revealed by miHoYo during 1.6.

In any case, I believe it’s a very good thing that miHoYo properly teased its upcoming characters instead of letting data miners do the work. Hopefully this becomes a norm for future updates.

Genshin Impact 1.6, Midsummer Island Adventure, will launch on June 9 this week. What do you think of Yoimiya and Sayu? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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