Adopt Me Retro Furniture & Peacock update

Roblox has been witnessing an exponential rise in its popularity in the past few months, and the game shows no signs of stopping down anytime soon. The game recently went public, and the developers have a lot planned for the game as well.

Adopt Me is the most popular Roblox game out there with over 20 billion visits and 500k concurrent monthly players. The developers have been constantly adding new updates to the game, ranging from the addition of Ladybugs to the Playful Pets Update which added tons of new animations.

Adopt Me Retro Furniture & Peacock update – Patch Notes, Release Date, Time

Now, the developers, Dreamcraft are gearing up to launch another update for the game, known as the Retro Furniture & Peacock update. As the name implies, the update will be adding Retro Furniture and Peacocks to the game

Peacock is the latest addition to the expanding pool of pets available in Roblox Adopt Me. It might be easily become one of the most popular pets in the game, since it has quite a unique appearance and the nine colorful feathers of the peacock are a sight to behold.

Apart from that, a new sustainable container house has also been added to the game and it consists of solar panels, string lights and a rooftop garden. To make things even better, the developers have also added a Retro Aquatic Furniture set which can be quite a nice addition to your house.

The update will be making its debut on April 2nd, 2021 across all platforms. Here are the release timings of the update.

As of now, we haven’t received the complete patch notes of the update but we will update it once the developers release it. With the update coming out in the next couple of days, we should get more information about it pretty soon.

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