Apex Legends Update 1.74 Today (July 19)

Respawn Entertainment deployed a brand new Apex Legends update today (July 19), with quite a few bug fixes. The update comes in at just under 500MB and is available for download now on all platforms. The update will appear as version 1.74 when downloading.

Aside from bug fixes and updates, there’s always plenty going on with Apex Legends. With the recent news that Season 10 would be titled “Emergence” featuring a brand new legend, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Fans can also get a sneak peek at an upcoming map for the popular Battle Royale, titled “Tropics”, which was recently liked via in-game files. Check out the link below for more details, or keep reading for the latest Apex Legends patch notes.

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Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer



Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer






Apex Legends – July 19 Update & Patch Notes

The latest Apex Legends update was deployed on July 19 and comes in at just under 500MB for all platforms. Although fans were treated to the huge announcement of Season 10 and a brand new Legend, there’s not much to get excited about in the latest update.

According to the official patch notes, which can be found below, the update fixes various bugs associated with Revenant’s Heirloom, Crypto’s Dragonskin skin and more. Check out the notes below for more details, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

  • Fixed a bug preventing players with a custom layout with “Extra Character Action bound” from looting from Deathboxes or Loba’s Black Market
  • Fixed an issue where having Revenant’s Herloom equipped would cause slides to not travel very far while healing
  • Adjusted color settings for color blind modes
  • Fixed bugs with Crypto’s Dragonskin skin
  • Fixed an edge case where sometimes the results of your last match would not be saved
  • Restored functionality to speech-to-text feature
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

That’s all for the latest Apex Legends update, but expect plenty more content as we move closer and closer to Season 10 of the massive Battle Royale title.

Apex Legends Season 10

Season 10 of Apex Legends will be titled “Emergence” and will feature a brand new Legend, Seer. The new season is expected to kick off on August 3rd, as this is when the current Battle Pass finishes.

Expect plenty more teasers and information as we draw closer and closer to the new season.

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