Are Destiny 2 Servers Down? Maintenance Schedule, Time, Error Codes Explained

Destiny 2 servers have been taken down for maintenance, and fans are quite curious to know what’s the reason behind this unplanned interruption. Players have been reporting numerous issues since morning, and it seems like Bungie is trying to deploy a fix for the same.

A few hours ago, the official Twitter handle of Bungie acknowledged the various error codes players have been receiving while playing the game. There are three error codes that players have been getting lately, aka BAT, WEASEL, and PORPOISE.

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The exact cause of these errors is pretty much unknown, and considering that the game hasn’t received any updates lately, it seemed to catch a lot of players by surprise. Several hours after the first update, Bungie stated that it is still investigating the error, and urged fans to standby until they have any more updates.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Season Pass Trailer





Are Destiny 2 Servers Down? Maintenance Schedule and Time Explained

We have finally received another update from Bungie, and it seems like the issue is not that trivial. The developers have mentioned that they are taking down the servers for emergency maintenance. Once again, Bungie hasn’t revealed much about the errors and just asked players to be patient.

There is no schedule and maintenance time revealed as well. So it is quite uncertain as to when we will be able to get back in the game. Considering that the errors were being faced by a large number of players, and it hindered online play totally, this emergency maintenance makes a lot of sense.

Bungie is usually quick to resolve these issues, so we can expect them to be resolved pretty soon. Moreover, we have Xur arriving later today as well along with the Trials of Osiris stuff. So players will be eagerly looking forward to hopping back into the game as early as possible.

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