Cold War & Warzone Playlist Update Today (July 22)

Season 4 Reloaded is now in full swing in both Warzone and Cold War, with both games set to receive a new Playlist Update today (July 22). Today’s update will be the first week of the mid-season update, so fans can expect plenty of new content coming their way.

The upcoming Playlist Update is set to go live on July 22nd at 10AM PT / 6PM BST in both Warzone and Cold War. Fans can check out everything arriving in the new update right here in this article, including the full patch notes.

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Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™



Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™





Call of Duty – Weekly Briefing (July 19 -25)

Thanks to the official Call of Duty Weekly Briefing report, we know exactly what’s arriving in Cold War and Warzone this week.

To kick things off a brand new Paintball Moshpit mode will join Cold War, featuring a mix of 6v6 respawn modes with paintball impact visuals and sound effects on the returning map, Rush.

Also joining Cold War’s Multiplayer will be Throwback Moshpit, the returning mode features a collection of classic Black Ops 6v6 maps, including:

  • Nuketown ’84
  • Raid
  • Express
  • Standoff
  • Hijacked
  • Rush

Fans can also expect various modes to continue this week, Cranked Moshpit, Face Off 6v6, and more will continue for another week.

From July 22 to July 29, fans will be able to download Black Ops Cold War Free Access to experience some of the best bits of the 2020 Call of Duty title at no cost.

Finally, starting July 23 through to July 26, players can get 2XP all weekend long in Cold War Multiplayer. The double XP weekend will kick off at 10AM PT / 6PM BST this Friday.

Check out the images below to find out what’s in the Call of Duty store this week, or head to the official Weekly Briefing to find out more.

Cold War – Playlist Update Patch Notes

As of writing, Treyarch Studios are yet to publish the official patch notes for the Cold War Playlist Update on July 22. We will be updating this article when the update is live and the patch notes are released.

Warzone – Playlist Update Patch Notes

Raven Software has also not released the patch notes for the upcoming Warzone Playlist Update. Check back in after the update goes live at 10AM PT / 6PM BST for the full notes.

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