Cold War – What Are Tempest Zombies? How To Find, Kill, & Collect Fuses

Season 4 Reloaded has arrived in both Cold War and Warzone, but it’s the Zombies fans who have benefited the most from the mid-season update. Cold War received the highly anticipated Mauer Der Toten map on July 15th, featuring the return of the Tempest Zombie, Mule Kick, and a new Wonder Weapon.

The Tempest Zombie in Cold War has been put at the forefront of the update. Not only is this zombie type required to turn on the power in Mauer Der Toten, but it’s also part of a challenge to unlock the new OTs 9 SMG.

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Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies



Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies





What Is A Tempest Zombie In Cold War?

So, what exactly is a Tempest Zombie? And how do you find and kill them?

The Tempest is a special class of Zombies that were first introduced in Outbreak. They are easily identifiable as they are bright purple and are covered in crystals, as well as shooting electric beams from their body.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find them as the Tempests spawn at random. However, when they do spawn they have been known to arrive in large groups.

There is an easy way to kill the Tempest Zombie though, as they do have a weak spot. Shooting this zombie in the centre of their chest will reveal their energy core, shoot the core to destroy the Tempest. Be careful though, as they are able to teleport away when taking damage.

Cold War – New OTs 9 SMG

The OTs 9 is a brand new SMG in both Cold War and Warzone. There are multiple ways to unlock the weapon, but for the Zombies fans, there’s one specific challenge that needs to be completed.

“Using an SMG, kill 50 Tempest enemies within 2 seconds of their appearance after teleporting.”

The challenge itself is fairly straightforward but can be tricky. Players must kill 50 tempest zombies but you’ll need to be quick, as the challenge requires players to kill them within the first 2 seconds of appearing. But, once completed players will have unlocked the brand new OTs 9 SMG.

Collect Fuses From Tempest Zombies

The second usage for the Tempest Zombie in the Season 4 Reloaded update is to turn on the power in the new Mauer Der Toten map.

Turning on the power requires players to collect two fuses as part of the process, and these can only be obtained from Tempest Zombies. To find fuses, simply locate a Tempest Zombie and kill them, they will then have a certain percentage chance of dropping a fuse for the player to pick up.

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