For Honor – New Hero Kyoshin Release Date, Time and Server Downtime

The new update for Ubisoft’s For Honor is on its way and it will bring the newest playable Hero: The Kyoshin in the game.

Last week, Ubisoft dropped a few details about the upcoming new hero in For Honor. Kyoshin is a mystical Samurai who wields a concealed blade, and his abilities can leave everyone in awe on the battlefield.

The new hero Kyoshin is expected to be an agile character that can strike in unpredictable ways.

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For Honor – Become a Kyoshin – Reveal Trailer



For Honor – Become a Kyoshin – Reveal Trailer





For Honor – Server Downtime

The team has announced that For Honor will undergo one hour of downtime on July 22 for the new Title Update 2.29.0.

The server downtime for For Honor begins at 9 AM ET |6 AM PT | 2 PM BST.

Since the maintenance will last only one hour so you can play the game after that. There will also be a new update for you to download.

Release Date and Time – For Honor Kyoshin

The new hero Kyoshin will be introduced in an update on July 22. Since there is a scheduled downtime of one hour as mentioned above, you can expect the new Hero Kyoshin to be released at the following time for different regions:

How To Unlock New Kyoshin Hero In For Honor

Those who’d like to try the new hero Kyoshin right away can purchase it along with other items. From July 22, you can purchase a package from first-party stores for $7.99 which will include the following:

  • The new Kyoshin Hero
  • One exclusive Ornament,
  • One Elite Outfit
  • Seven days of Champion Status
  • Three scavenger crates

But for those For Honor players who are not looking to purchase the new character and prefer waiting for some time, then you unlock the Kyoshin Hero for 15,000 Steel in-game from August 5.

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