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Fortnite’s ray gun is a new addition to Season 7, and goes hand-in-hand with the alien theme as part of a sweeping set of map changes.

Joining several other new weapons – including a pulse rifle, recon scanner and rail gun – the Kymera Ray Gun is an “alien creation” which fires a continuous beam of energy.

Kymera, if you’re curious, is one of the Season 7 Battle Pass skins, of which you can acquire Alien Artefacts to customise to your liking.

Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7

Fortnite ray gun location: How to get the Kymera Ray Gun in Fortnite

The Kymera Ray Gun can be sourced from defeating Trespassers, a new enemy type introduced in Season 7.

Trespassers can be found piloting UFOs, another new addition to the season.

Our UFO locations page explains where to find these flying saucers in more specific detail, but in short – head to one of the three ‘purple’ invaded areas of the map, and bring down the saucer.

Hijacking a UFO and getting a Ray Gun in Fortnite Season 7

Our recommendation – as such in the above video – is to lure a UFO in, let it abduct you with its tractor beam, then shoot the cockpit to take down the Trespasser inside.

You can also shoot down the UFO if you fancy more of a fight. Either way, once the Trespasser is out in the open, defeat them, and loot the items – one of which will be the Kymera Ray Gun.


The alien invasion of Fortnite has begun, so make sure you visit our Season 7 Battle Pass page! New features include UFOs, ray guns and payphone locations. We also have pages on the latest map changes and new Victory Umbrella. Meanwhile, later in the season will be the arrival of a Superman skin.

The Kymera Ray Gun has unlimited ammo, and though it won’t do much to structures, it can offer a continuous stream of damage to enemies if you get your aim right.


It’s possible other ray gun-sourcing methods could be introduced as the season progresses – and as always, be sure to loot defeated enemies in case they had it in their inventories, which can save you going toe-to-toe with an extra-terrestrial.

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