How To Fix GTA Online Error ‘Files Required To Play’ Message

If you’ve just logged into GTA Online and been greeted with the error message ‘Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service’, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how you can play.

Thankfully, there is a possible solution to this error. However, before continuing it’s important to note that this is NOT an official fix from Rockstar Games themselves.

As of writing, Rockstar Games have not indicated if they are experiencing server issues causing the error. Should the developers release a statement for this error, we will update this article.

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‘Files Required To Play’ – GTA Online

According to reports, the ‘files required to play’ error for GTA Online may simply be down to server maintenance at Rockstar Games. However, the developers are currently yet to inform users if server maintenance is occurring at this time.

This is a very common error to receive and players shouldn’t be concerned if they are met with it.

Should the error persist frequently, it may be down to your network connection.

Unofficial Fix For Error

Please note, these are not official fixes. These solutions come from users online who have had success by following the steps below.

Change Internet Settings

This is a simple solution that has reportedly worked for many users. If possible, you’ll want to change your internet settings from a WiFi connection to a mobile hotspots connection. To do this:

  • Go to console Settings > Network > Change Network
  • Follow the steps to connect to either a mobile hotspot, or different WiFi connection
  • If this solution works and GTA Online loads correctly, you may have a problem with your WiFi router.
  • Reset your router or update the firmware (contact your ISP for more details)

Change DNS Settings

According to RealSport101, the ideal DNS settings for GTA Online are:

  • Primary –
  • Secondary –

Xbox users can adjust their DNS settings manually by following the steps below.

  • Settings > Network > Advanced Settings
  • DNS Settings > Manual
  • Once you have followed the steps adjust the DNS settings to match the aforementioned settings above.

PlayStation users can do the same, with some slightly different steps.

  • Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection > Choose Connection Type > Custom Setup > Automatic IP Address Settings.
  • Choose ‘Do Not Specify’ then head to your DNS Settings and change to Manual.

Unfortunately, these are not official fixes and won’t work for everyone. Remember that the Rockstar Games servers may be experiencing issues if you are greeted with this error.

But should the error persist, contact Rockstar Support for official help.

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