How to Get the Pathfinder Skin

Along with other bonuses, the new Apex Switch Pathfinder skin is enough for me to play the port.

Each day we get closer and closer to the Switch port of Apex Legends and I keep getting more excited. Despite the Switch’s hardware disadvantage when comparing it to the other consoles running the game, it’s cool to introduce Apex to new players and be able to take it on the go. As an incentive to play the Switch port, developer Respawn Entertainment is offering a handful of Switch exclusive benefits. The Apex Switch Pathfinder skin, the P.A.T.H., is among the best.

We’ve known since the port was given a trailer spot during February’s Nintendo Direct that Switch players would receive some sort of bonus. In that trailer, they announced all Apex players would receive double XP for a limited time to make up for the ports introduction partway through Season 8. Today Respawn announced on Twitter that the double XP bonus will last for two weeks after the port’s release.

Additionally, to make up for any lost time in Season 8, Switch players will start the game with 30 free battle pass levels.

The highlight of today’s announcement, however, is our first look at the exclusive Legendary Switch Pathfinder skin. The Apex Switch Pathfinder skin, the P.A.T.H., is red and white and is another great skin to add to the pile of great Pathfinder skins. To get it, all you need to do is download and log in to Apex Legends on the Switch once it comes out on March 9. You’ll receive the exclusive skin as well as the 30 battle pass levels and double XP reward listed above.

If the new exclusive skin isn’t enough to satisfy your Pathfinder needs, you can also pick up the newly announced Pathfinder action figure from JAKKS toys. It comes in the third set of figures announced from the game and you can find our buyers guide for all the new figures right here.

For more on Apex Legends, you can find all our coverage right here on DualShockers.

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