New Verdansk Map Leak – Footage, Images, New Points Of Interest

It looks like footage and images of the brand new Warzone map have leaked just hours before the map is set to go live. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the new Verdansk Map leak, including footage, images, and the new points of interest.

Thanks to Youtuber and Twitch streamer, Batronologist, we’ve got our very first look at the brand new Warzone map. You can check out some of the images of the new map and full gameplay right here in this article.

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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Official Launch Trailer



Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Official Launch Trailer




80’s Verdansk Map Images & Footage

Tweet courtesy of @Bartonologist

If like me, you’re too impatient to wait for the new 80’s Themed Verdansk to finally arrive, certain players have managed to play on the new map ahead of the official launch.

In case you weren’t aware, Part I of the Destruction of Verdansk Event took place last night (April 21) and it ended with Verdansk being hit by a nuke after being overrun by Zombies.

Since the Event ended, players have only been able to play Rebirth Island on Warzone. But that won’t last for much longer as Verdansk is set to return later today in a redesigned 80’s theme.

Check out footage of the new map below, courtesy of YouTuber Bartonologist. Make sure to follow his channel and show him some love for the new Verdansk Map Leak.

Based off of the leaked footage, it looks like much of the map has been reskinned, but there are some new points of interest. Below you will find all of the new locations for the 80’s themed Verdansk.

  • Salt Mines
  • Summit
  • Array
  • Factory

New Warzone Map Release Time

The new Warzone map, which will be a reimagining of Verdansk set in the ’80s, is expected to go live in just a few short hours.

Fans can expect the Destruction of Verdansk Part II Event to go live at the following times, which should then be followed by the new Warzone map.

April 22 – 8PM BST / 12PM PT / 3PM ET

Warzone & Cold War Season 3

On April 22, Activision launched Season 3 in both Warzone Cold War.

There’s a whole plethora of content for players to jump in to. Not only is there new Cold War Multiplayer Maps, but there’s also New Weapons and even a brand new Warzone Map.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest Season 3 news and leaks, right here at DualShockers.

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