Roblox Funky Friday Codes (June 2021)

The latest Roblox Funky Friday codes offer points and new animations.

Since its launch, Roblox has been a dreamy platform for creative gamers to follow their wildest ideas and earn money by implementing them properly. On the other hand, the platform is also a great all-in-one experience for gamers who would like to have a wide variety of games inside one major title.

Have you ever heard of Friday Night Funkin? Well, Funky Friday is the Roblox version of the same name with a few differences.

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Originally launched later in February this year, Funky Friday is a rhythmic battle game, loosely based on a popular game in the same genre called Friday Night Funkin.

Your mission in the game is to fight against various opponents in rhythmic/rap battles and win to receive in-game rewards and put one step closer to date your girlfriend.

Roblox: Restaurant Tycoon 2 Trailer



Roblox: Restaurant Tycoon 2 Trailer





Roblox Funky Friday Codes – June 2021 (Last Updated on June 26)

Similar to most of the Roblox titles, Funky Friday uses a promotional code system. Below, you can check out the most recent active codes for the game.

  • smashthatlikebutton – This code rewards players 300 Points [NEW]
  • 250M – This code rewards players 250 Points 
  • 1MILFAVS – This code rewards players Boombox Animation
  • 100M – This code rewards players 500 Points
  • 19DOLLAR – This code rewards players RickRoll Animation

How to Redeem the Codes

It’s as simple as the other Roblox title. Run the game and look for a button with the Twitter icon. Click on it and you will spot a new window on the screen with an empty box. Write your code inside the box and click the “Redeem” button to receive your rewards.

Please note that each Roblox code has an expiration date, which means you need to redeem the promotional codes before they get deactivated by the developers.

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