Roblox Metaverse Valk – How to get a free champion bundle

Roblox is loved by players of all ages, and has witnessed a lot of growth in the past few months. The development company recently went public, with the IPO being one of the most trending things in the stock market. When it comes to the game, the developers have a lot in store for fans out there, ranging from the display name update to the introduction of the voice chat feature.

Recently, the developers announced the metaverse champions event in the game, which gives players a chance to win a wide range of rewards. Players need to complete a series of tasks, and they will be getting mystery boxes. Here is all you need to know about the event.

What is the Roblox Metaverse event?

The Roblox Metaverse event started on April 15 and will be going on till May 20. Players need to complete quests for a total of four champions to earn up to 4 mystery boxes each week. The more quests players complete, the more points they get for their champion.

Once players have all the four mystery boxes for a particular champion, they can get the avatar bundle. There are four special mystery boxes as well, spawned by Roblox Admins, Developers, Video Stars, and MVPs. Players having the champion with the most points will end up getting the bundle for that champion. However, they can collect mystery boxes for all champions.

Roblox Metaverse Valk – How to get a free champion bundle?

At the end of the event, players have the chance to get the Roblox Metaverse Valk, provided that they have the maximum points for the champion which has the Valk as the reward.

As of now, the rewards for the champions haven’t been revealed so it’s best if you complete the tasks for all champions and wait for the rewards to get revealed. Once it is revealed, simply make sure that the champion with the highest points has the Valk as the reward, and you should be good to go.

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