Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass

Today, April 7, Rocket League crashes into its third major season and with it comes a brand new Rocket Pass.

The now free-to-play car football sensation attracts a huge number of monthly players, all of whom can’t wait to see what this season entails.

We’ve already seen glimpses of what lies ahead, but here are the details about the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass.

What’s happening in Rocket League Season 3?

Season 3 of Rocket League will be heavily influenced by some of racing’s biggest names including NASCAR and Formula 1.

We’ve seen a range of different cars already, including a nifty Mustang, and there will no doubt be plenty more in store.

Alongside that, there are some major changes coming to the Trade In system within the game.

Rocket Pass Details/ How to get the Tyranno

As always, the Season 3 Rocket Pass will have 100 tiers for players to complete and unlock.

There will be a free option in which players can unlock a range of items, however, more importantly, the Rocket Pass Premium returns.

The standard option will grant players access to the Premium Pass, as well as instantly unlocking the brand new Tyranno car. This option will set players back 1000 Credits.

For only an extra 1000 Credits (2000 total, reduced from 3000), players can get the Rocket Pass Bundle. This offers players all the previous benefits plus an additional 12 tiers.

What are the Rocket League Rocket Pass Season 3 Tier Rewards?

While the full Rocket Pass details have yet to be confirmed, players can expect the following items to appear as rewards:

Chequered Flag Goal Explosion, Traction Wheels, Retrogression Animated Decal, new Player Anthems and more.

We’ll update this post as soon as all of the details become available.

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