Warframe Sisters of Parvos Update

Warframe is not far away from one of its most exciting updates in a while, titled Sisters of Parvos.

The recent preview also showcased the upcoming content and a new character called Yareli. Warframe fans got to witness a wealth of fresh experiences designed for both new and existing players.

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Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms



Warframe Profile | Yareli – Coming July 6 To All Platforms





Release Date and Expected Time for Warframe Sisters of Parvos And Yareli

In this update, the storyline continues with Parvos Granum and his loyalists manufacturing a new breed of adversary: a sisterhood of elite warriors who are loyal only to the Corpus founder.

Players can earn the legendary wave rider Yareli and harness the devastating power of the sea to neutralize this latest threat and push back the Corpus.

The free-to-play third-person game will release the Sisters of Parvos update on July 6, 2021, with a simultaneous launch across all platforms.

Based on previous Warframe content drops, DualShockers expects the start time for the event to be:

  • 11 am PDT
  • 2 pm EST
  • 6 pm UTC
  • 7 pm BST
  • 8 pm CEST

New Content In The Update

Here’s a quick preview of some of the new content that’s inbound:

  • New accessible water-bending Warframe Yareli
  • Latest in-game comic-book quest with K-Drive Challenges
  • A fresh Corpus Lich System with boss battles and rewards
  • New Tenet Weapons
  • New Skins
  • Melee Weapon Rebalance

Warframe players will be able to battle against their very own high-tech adversary known as the Sisters of Parvos in the new Corpus Lich system, help the new Warframe Yareli save the Ventkids of Fortuna, and collect an expansive amount of new loot in the upcoming update.

The new Corpus Lich System will provide additional boss battles and rewards to players. The newest Warframe, Yareli is set to be one of the most accessible Warframes released. You can read more about her abilities here.

Warframe enthusiasts will be able to acquire new Weapons from Void Storms and the Steel Path thanks to a restructured Reward System. They can explore new Customizations and gameplay refinements that continue to evolve, grow and improve the Origin System.

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