Xbox Mini Fridge Price – What Might the New Xbox Merch Cost?

In a stroke of genius marketing, Xbox got fans involved with their brand to decide the fate of the much desired Xbox mini fridge.

Yesterday, Twitter account Twitter Marketing (@TwitterMktg) held a poll to decide which brand has the best tweets, Xbox or Skittles.

It was a tight race, but Xbox games marketing manager, Aaron Greenberg, promised that if Xbox wins the poll, they’ll make and sell Xbox Series X mini fridges. For real.

Well, as it turns out, Xbox won the poll by 1% which means the fridges are, hopefully, going to be in production sometime soon.

But how much will it cost? Here’s everything we know about the Xbox mini fridge price.

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Xbox Mini Fridge Price

Just to be clear, there is no official price yet for the fridges as they aren’t even in production yet. There are still a lot of hoops that Xbox is going to need to jump through to even get the price out to consumers. That said, if we look at similar minifridges by other brands, we might be able to get an idea of the ballpark Xbox mini fridge price.

Image from Aaron Greenberg’s Twitter account @aarongreenberg

Understanding the price of the Xbox fridge might be a little tricky because we don’t really know its dimensions yet. Looking at the picture (see above), the fridge looks to be actually quite big which means that a price close to the US$50 six can portable Coca-Cola mini fridge is probably out of the question.

The 4.4 Marshall High Capacity mini fridge based on a Marshall half-stack guitar amp, is currently selling for US$479.99. That seems like it might be closer to the Xbox mini fridge price as both are high-quality items that are looking to be taken seriously.

In the world of non-brand-based fridges, the Costway Compact Refrigerator is a double-door 3-foot mini fridge that’s going for just over US$200. The Xbox mini fridge will likely go for more as you’re not just paying for the cooler, but for the brand as well.

I think it’s safe to say that when the Xbox mini fridge eventually does release a price, it will be several hundred dollars. Whether it’s US$200 or $500, we just don’t know, but it seems like a reasonable assumption that it would be somewhere in that range.

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