AMD makes now offers a 4700S CPU, the IC and PC version of the Xbox Series X SOC (with the GPU disabled)

Here’s an interesting one, AMD made its “4700S” processor official, 5this is the Xbox Series X SOC. The 4700S has its GPU disabled, despite the fact that it includes the same RDNA2 GPU from 12TFLOPs that the Xbox Series X uses.

These are present on a hardware level, but it could b possible that they have faulty IGP, which makes these chips useless for Microsoft. With the global shortages, AMD must have thought, why not release it as a simple processor?

AMD sells them in a 4700S kit, the motherboard includes a PCI-Express x16 slot to be able to insert a GPU there. Another curiosity is that although it does not use the SOC GPU, it still shows GDDR6 memory. It is available in variants with both 8GB and 16GB of GDDR6 memory, having two alternatives to choose from depending on the use that is going to be given. The final change compared to the chip present in the console is that it reaches a maximum frequency in the CPU of 4.0GHz, compared to the 3.8GHz that it reaches in the Xbox Series X.

There are no details about its price or availability yet, although it is most likely only sold inside pre-assembled PCs.

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