Controller drift killed my love affair with the Nintendo Switch


I’m playing video game I’ve been 5 years old Nintendo switch It was the first console I really fell in love with.

Of course, I loved the SNES. And PlayStation 2. I was a big fan of the Xbox 360.But that love is mainly game I played with them: Links to the Past, Metal Gear Solid 2, Hello 3. I don’t remember sitting under the TV and really seeing the box of components in my eyes.

But the Nintendo Switch was different.When I say I “loved” the Nintendo Switch, I’m especially talking about my love Device itself, Not a game stored on your hard drive.

There was something special about the switch. Often I described it as a console that poured into the gaps in my life. As the busy parents of two chaotic dwarves disguised as children, Switch’s flexibility makes it a unique device. Playing on the Switch felt like a seamless experience, whether connected to a 65-inch LCD or used during an early morning commute on the bus.

I played Switch everywhere.

I played on the sofa and on the train. I played it in red-eye flight. I played it in bed for a few minutes before falling asleep.

But today, Drift Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller rarely plays Switch. Nintendo Seems to be preparing the latest “Pro” Nintendo Switch designed for 4K games, but unless you know the drift situation, you’re not sure if you’re interested.

Drift, a game controller issue that affects analog sticks, has ruined my Nintendo Switch. Move it when you don’t want to move the character on the screen. Randomly scrolls the console menu, usually making the game impossible. It’s 100% annoying everything I do with Switch.

Do you want to catch my drift?

There are ways to fix the drift. Some require the controller to be disassembled, which is dangerous.

Patrick Holland / CNET

What is the cause of the drift? Dust trapped in the controller is usually the cause, but worn contacts inside the controller are also thought to be the cause of the problem.

Anyway, it’s a common phenomenon that affects a lot of controllers, absolutely suck.. Anecdotally, it robbed me of my love for Nintendo Switch and replaced it with contempt and indifference that I struggled to overcome.

About a year or so after I first bought the console when my first Joy-Con set started to malfunction, Nintendo already-in its honor-provided free repairs. I did. But instead of sending out a controller for a fix, I did what a self-respecting idiot did-I just bought another set of Joy-Con. My reasoning: I didn’t want to wait because I didn’t know how long the repair would take. It was too much fun.

When the second set started to get the drift, I just went further in the hole.I bought another set. And one more.

Finally i have four The complete Joy-Con set ($ 300 worth of Joy-Con) and all but one suffer from some sort of drift. Surprisingly bad ratio. I’ve come to the point where I don’t know which controller has drift and which controller has no drift, so I rarely use switches. When I do, I use the Switch Pro Controller I purchased to play on my TV and avoid using Joy-Con’s only clean set.

I spent about AU $ 400 ($ 300, £ 220) on four additional controllers for the Nintendo Switch. These things are not cheap.

At this point, it should be mentioned that not all Nintendo switch controllers are suffering from drift. I know someone who owns multiple sets of Joy-Con without any problems. Also, as the father of two children born eager to destroy everything I cherish, I am happy to accept that my personal situation is causing the problem. ..One of the newly purchased PS5 controllers Also There is a drift.

But the switch is a toy. Partially sold in the days of poor adults like me, but specially designed for the small and dirty hands of children. Nintendo needs to do better here. This is an unresolved issue and will never happen again without a cast iron warranty. When finally released, the Nintendo Switch Pro type cannot be queued exactly.

Back now, I mourn the console I once loved. You rarely have the time to sit on the couch and spend time uninterrupted on the latest games on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Switch was an escape designed for people like me who stole game time in the turmoil. Now that outlet is gone-and I miss it.

The Nintendo Switch is now a device that once pushed the boundaries of possibilities, and the console that poured itself into the gaps of my life collects dust under the TV like any other, just a component. A tasteless and dry collection. console I don’t have time to play.

Controller drift killed my love affair with the Nintendo Switch Source link Controller drift killed my love affair with the Nintendo Switch

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