Fallen Order Has Launched On PS5/Xbox Series X With A Free Upgrade

Out of absolutely nowhere Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has launched on PS5/Xbox Series X. There were rumours earlier this week that the next-gen version of the game might be dropping, but it looks to have hit the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store without any announcement.

There’s a free upgrade for PS4 owners, which you can grab on the PlayStation Store right HERE. 

It’s unclear at this point what is new in the next-gen version of the game as it literally hasn’t been announced yet. The PS5 version is currently downloading on our console and we’ll let you know once it’s finished (or if EA officially announces it in the meantime).

Earlier this year the game got an update for next-gen consoles that improved the frame rates, but the game didn’t officially become a next-gen version. This was simply just the PS4/Xbox One versions running unlocked with the improved power of the consoles.

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