Microsoft Is Making Xbox Series X Mini Fridges, Apparently

“Xbox, check if my cold ones are suitably chilled enough yet.”

The Xbox Series X mini fridge

Sometimes you have to make good on a bet that you’ve made, even if you didn’t fully think through the logistics of how you’d actually do it. Microsoft has found itself in this position after it won a poll and now has to make good on its promise that it’ll design and sell Xbox Series X mini-fridges.

Microsoft’s Promise With Xbox Series X Mini-Fridges

The promise began on Aaron Greenberg’s Twitter account. Mr. Greenberg works in Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, and a poll published by the Twitter Marketing account caught his eye.

The poll put Skittles and Xbox head-to-head to see which became the #BestOfTweets champion. To help push things in his direction, Mr. Greenberg promised Xbox fans that Microsoft would produce Xbox Series X mini-fridges if Xbox won.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has dabbled in refrigeration technology. A little while ago, the software giant implemented Cortana into fridges that monitored what was inside.

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It seems the tactic worked, as Xbox won the poll. However, Mr. Greenberg didn’t get cold feet on his original claim; in fact, after the poll had closed, he said he’d make good on his promise.

While we haven’t seen a planned release date for these mini-fridges, keep an eye out on Xbox’s feeds for further news on this development.

The Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge: The Next Must-Have Gamer Accessory?

If you like cracking open a cold one while you game, keep your eyes on Microsoft in the coming months. If the company makes true on its promise, you should see an Xbox Series X mini-fridge coming your way later this year.

This isn’t the first piece of good news for Xbox fans in recent weeks. Microsoft is currently testing Dolby Vision HDR on the Xbox Series consoles, too.

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Xbox Series X
Microsoft Is Actively Testing Dolby Vision HDR on Xbox Series Consoles

The update is only available for users on the Insider Alpha Ring, with a public rollout coming “soon.”

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