The Battlefield 6 rumors suggests DICE is returning to its roots for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and that’s the best news a Battlefield fan could hope for

I haven’t exactly been quiet in voicing my concerns over the direction of the Battlefield franchise in recent years, but you should know, dear reader, that they only come from a place of genuine love. Blowing up bridges on Wake Island in Battlefield 1943, raining down sniper fire from Heavy Metal’s wind turbines in Bad Company 2, dominating the air space from the comfort of an F/A-18E cockpit in Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border… these moments are some of my favourite memories in gaming history, as fresh in the mind as if they happened only yesterday. 

So when I suggest that Battlefield has been going through something of a quiet identity crisis since Battlefield 4, I don’t do so with any joy. From failed experiments like Hardline through to even perfectly accomplished titles like Battlefield 1, the DNA of DICE’s shooter series has permuted to the point where its latest entry, Battlefield 5, plays like a stifled facsimile of its lauded predecessors. 

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