The Medium released by Bloober Team earns average reviews; new big project coming soon

The Bloober team has recently launched The Medium on different Xbox and PC platforms, as per a report published in However, if the news is to be believed, then the Polish studio is already gearing up for the “new big project”. The Medium was released in the last month and received average reviews. However, the sales were good and that helped to cover the development cost in only two days. 

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If we see the past works of the Bloober team, we will find that this title belongs to the horror genre. This Xbox project deals with a medium named Marianne. Marianne can interact both with the world of humans and also the world of the spirits. This aspect of the character has been making it very popular among the players worldwide. It is due to this aspect of the game that players often have to navigate both worlds at the same time, solve the puzzles and overcome the different obstacles coming their way. This helps Marianne to progress to the other stages in the game. This demanding gameplay opened a great world for the players. Though critics felt that the game did not reach the mark, however, the gamers’ interest has been retained with the Bloober Team’s next plans. 

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What is the next big project?

Bloober Team designer Artur Laczkowski earlier announced that the studio has been working hard on the “next big project”. The designer also shared a link to their Careers page which showed that they were hiring for their next game in roles like Combat programmer, Concept Artist, 3D Technical Animator, and so on. The job descriptions do not give away much about the new plan. The posts described Bloober as a horror producer and hence the players can assume that the company will not stray much from their main genre.

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The Medium can be described as a different beast. This beast has got the status of the first exclusive on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S. A live-action trailer for this psychological horror game was also released before the release. The trailer had creepiness, suspenseful sound effects, old buildings, and so on. There is no official statement from Bloober to state whether this psychological horror game is a timed one that will eventually go to PlayStation hardware. The players will instead have to wait to see what the company is gearing up to do and what the “new big project” is all about.

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