WATCH: Xbox Series X/S is Running PS2 Titles that PlayStation 5 Cannot

The Xbox Series S/X has received mixed reviews since its worldwide launch on November 10. While Microsoft is marketing it as the ‘most powerful console ever’, initial reports don’t corroborate that claim.

Initial tests run by Digital Foundry reveal that Sony’s PlayStation 5 performs much better in titles available for both platforms.

However, a recent piece of news has left Xbox’s users flabbergasted, providing a much-needed break. YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer released a video explaining how the Xbox Series S/X is capable of running PS2 titles better than the PS5.

The Xbox Series S/X is capable of much more than we think

The much-awaited PlayStation5 released a few weeks back, and the response has been magnificent. Alas, the entire community is waiting to get their hands on the console as the demand has outstripped supply by a mile and a half.

While the new-gen console boasts a range of additional features, it can’t run titles from consoles older than the PS4. While PlayStation 5 drew a curtain on the old PlayStation games, Xbox seems to be ready to give them another lifeline.

Modern Vintage Gamer released a video, taking advantage of Xbox Series X/S’s built-in developer mode. A slight tweak to this mode enables the players to install software that uses Universal Windows Platform apps, in turn allowing the Xbox players to run legacy titles.

Once this mode is enabled, players can “run RetroArch emulation with an excellent performance.”

RetroArch is free-for-all users and allows the games to be played out of their native platforms.

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RetroArch boasts a feature called PCSX2 that makes the entire process possible. The video clearly mentions that it is a project under development and isn’t free of bugs.

Modern Vintage Gamer shows how it’s done with examples of gameplay from popular titles such as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Jak, and Daxter.

The PS2 was one of the finest consoles ever. Several PlayStation patrons would reminisce about the good old PS2 days, but alas, the Xbox players definitely have an edge here, making the PS5 players a bit salty.

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