Why climate scientists think the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still too much of an energy drain

Have you ever looked at your energy bill and wondered where those painful price hikes are coming from? The answer may lie with that gaming console sat beneath your TV. These machines have a pretty poor track record when it comes to energy usage, with annual emissions eclipsing that of small nations, and it seems as though the next generation of consoles don’t fare much better.

A new report from the National Resources Defence Council found that the PS5 and Xbox Series X draw between 160 and 200 watts of electricity per hour when playing current games, marking a significant uptick on the energy usage of their predecessors. This might sound strange, given Microsoft and Sony’s much publicised commitments to making its new consoles more sustainable, but Noah Horowitz, director of NRDC’s Center for Energy Efficiency Standards, believes both companies can and should do more to live up to those promises.

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