Xbox fans get glimpse of Unreal Engine 5 graphics for Series X and S | Gaming | Entertainment

It appears to be set in the same type of sandy, cave-like locale that appeared in the Unreal Engine 5 reveal demo.

Besides revealing the Alpha Point demo, The Coalition said those attending the GDC 2021 event will learn more about new Unreal Engine 5 visual systems such as Nanite, Lumen, Megascans, and MetaHumans.

Speaking about the upcoming demo, The Coalition said: “The Coalition will debut a UE5 Technical Demo ‘Alpha Point’ on Xbox Series X, created to internally evaluate UE5.

“The talk will cover the learnings the team had while creating Nanite-resolution assets and incorporating them into a fully real-time lighting scenario with Lumen and Virtual Shadow Maps.

“Performance and memory observations will be covered for Xbox Series X and S, as well as VFX, Blueprint, material setup, Temporal Super Resolution, and Virtual Texture findings. 

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