Xbox Series X restock: Newegg, Target, and Walmart – when to buy it

The Xbox Series X restock update for this week has some good news: more stores in the US have inventory ready to launch, according to Matt Swider, our Xbox restock tracker. The American retailers to look at closely are Target, Walmart and Antonline, with the occasional Xbox Series X Newegg restock. When is the next Xbox restock? When will GameStop offer its easy-to-buy bundles? Matt will send you an alert or advance notice – if you follow his account.

Our Xbox Series X restock alerts look like this (for example):

(Image credit: Future)

There are four US stores that could have the long-awaited Xbox Series X restock this week. Antonline usually has the Microsoft console first – if it’s going to do an Xbox drop (sometimes its promised ‘next-gen console every week’ is part of a PS5 restock, though). The Xbox Series X Target restock date may be Wednesday, April 21; the Walmart Xbox drop may be  Thursday, April 22; and the Best Buy restock could wait until Friday, April 23 (an entire month since Best Buy last had console inventory).

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